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WATER- A five-letter word that has a life hidden in it. Can you imagine life without water? The dehydrated state of the body can bring some life-threatening medical conditions to the body and as experts suggest, we need to consume at least two to three litres of water per day to keep ourselves hydrated. Water helps in the proper functioning of every cell in the body and sustaining life, as we know it. When we discuss the benefits of drinking water, we also need to mention the necessity of drinking pure, healthy water that is free of bacteria and other impurities. The pure state of water has been the growing concern for households across the globe, including Australia and in addition to that, there is limited information available in the public forum about what exactly pure water means.

Most of the consumers are familiar with the words such as bottled water, tap water, spring water and filtered water, but when we ask the meaning of the same, they are clueless. Also, consumers are now evidently aware that plain tap water is not exactly safe and great for them. Even for cities where water is considered safe and clean, there is scientific evidence of water containing toxic substances such as arsenic, mercury, fluoride and some others. It made people turn to bottled water which is considered relatively safe and drinkable.

However, the main two types of bottled water are commonly mentioned in any articles, blogs, public forums and discussions- Purified water and Natural spring water. There is also a dilemma amongst people about which one to prefer. If you have to choose between purified water and Natural spring water, first of all, you need to understand both of them and you can then choose what you find the best for your health.

In this post, we will discuss in-length about purified water and Natural spring water, their advantages and which one to prefer amongst two. Stay tuned!

Natural Spring Water  

Known by many other names such as groundwater, best alkaline water, well water, artesian water and others, natural spring water is water that originates from an underground aquifer. Natural spring water may or may not go through any water purification process and it may or may not procure through a well. Most of the time, spring water is collected when it comes at the surface of the structure or where it flows. Most of the natural spring water is collected from underground water basins and valleys and mountains. However, in case that water cannot rise on its own, collectors have to go for extraction. In such a case, the water is known as artesian water.  

How spring water is made?  

Just to inform you- when we say how doing water is made, we are not talking about any man-made filtration or purification process here. When the spring water in the underground aquifer reaches the surface and through the rocks, it undergoes a natural filtration process. The reason why spring water looks so pure is the natural filtration process it undergoes. Most of the consumers prefer to drink natural spring water as it is, without any further filtration or purification treatment. However, it is advisable to drink natural spring water that goes through the filtration process to get rid of particles and other unhealthy elements that might cause some health issues.  

Most of the bottled spring water goes through a filtration process as guided by the government authorities. However, the minerals in natural spring water are retained even after the filtration process. So, you don’t need to worry about its great and refreshing taste and nutrients. 

What are the benefits of natural mineral water?  

Your body needs a wide number of minerals for different bodily functions and natural alkaline mineral water provides all these natural minerals in an adequate amount. Furthermore, it is also called live or living water, similar to live fruits and vegetables which feels and tastes brilliant.  

Natural mineral water is considered safe and healthy for people of all ages and offers a wide range of health benefits. In addition to that, natural mineral water is full of oxygen which helps your body to oxygenate better.  

Experts also believe that natural mineral water helps your body cells to heal themselves. Apart from that, natural alkaline mineral water also helps to balance your body’s pH levels. By regularly drinking natural alkaline mineral water, you can balance an over-acidic system and bring it back to vitality.  

Spring water is also called alkaline water as it is naturally alkaline.

Where to buy natural alkaline water or natural mineral water? Whilst there are many brands of Spring water, natural alkaline mineral water is rare to find and there are only a few brands that offer this. After reassuring over 1247 brands of water from around the world, we are confident to recommend Saka natural alkaline mineral water as the best you’ll find.  

Purified water 

If you have a water filter in your home, you almost know what purified water is. It is the type of water that has gone through a filtration process and all the toxic substances such as chemical pollutants, pathogens, lead, copper and other impurities are removed to the standard requirement. Purified water is way safer and pure compared to tap water. Most of the purified bottled water is regulated by the food and drug authorities of the relevant countries and are subject to strict health standards. 

How purified water is made?  

Take any type of water such as tap water, ground water, or water from any other source. When it comes to purifier water, there are different filtration and purification methods. However, one of the most used methods for water filtration and purification is the carbon filter system with the reverse osmosis water filter unit that is highly popular across the world. There are chances that your home water filter might function on this method only. Most of the unwanted elements in the water are thrown and filtered out and only clean water molecules are allowed to pass through a semipermeable membrane.  

There are also other multi-barrier water filtration and purification systems used by commercial entities such as hotels and restaurants which don’t use carbon filters. Here, the water goes through filtration, ultraviolet light treatment and an ozonation process.  

Another type of water is distilled water which also falls in the purified water category which is not used more for drinking. Here, the water is boiled to form steam and then directed to a separate chamber for condensation. The distillation process is effective in killing many things such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa and filters heavy solids such as sulphates. 

What are the benefits of purified water?  

Purified water is considered safe water to drink as it has most of the heavy solids, impurities, harmful chemicals, pathogens and contaminants removed. Also, the taste of water is improved due to metal plumbing, chemical processes and organic matter. Overall, purified water is considered safe for human consumption.  

The difference between purified water and Natural mineral water

 Most of the time, natural mineral water does not go through any filtration process as the main objective here is to keep the mineral content as nature intended it to be. On the other hand, purified water undergoes through a filtration and purification process to remove the impurities including the minerals in the water.  

Both natural mineral water and purified water are safe to drink and considered as drinking water. But just because it is safe does not mean it is healthy or is your best option. The power that creates us has the power to heal us. Nature made alkaline mineral water is always the best water option to drink, it even tastes much better which makes it easy to drink the correct amount of water for your body. 

Which type of water to drink?  

Evidence suggests that there is no “accurate” answer to this question as it depends on personal preference and access. Both types of water are considered safe and there are state-of-the-art water purification systems available nowadays which removes most toxins and chemical pollutants from the water. When it comes to access, purified water is more accessible to the common consumers than natural alkaline mineral water 

However, you also need to remember that natural alkaline mineral water is rich in natural minerals that our bodies need and also, this water tastes the best and is considered as the best natural water that offers some unparalleled benefits to the body.  


Due to health and safety vulnerabilities of tap water, consumers are turning to bottled water and it is understandable. However, when it comes to choosing which bottled water to go for, natural alkaline mineral water is the way to go.  

Purified water is more accessible, you can also buy a good water filter at home and enjoy the great benefits it has to offer. On the other hand, natural alkaline mineral water is rich in natural minerals and offers a great taste that no filter can recreate.

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