I am a firm believer in this water and it’s exceptional healing properties. As someone with a sensitive stomach and lots of food allergies, I am particularly careful with my water intake. The difference I feel when regularly drinking Saka is amazing – more energy, less pain, and easier food digestion to name a few benefits I notice! The taste is delicious and I look for it wherever I go!
Healthy, delicious, inexpensive, addictive


There’s Water and There’s Award Winning Saka Water

Seeham Zoghaib
Director, HYP FEST

On behalf of the HYP Fest Inc. committee I would like to thank Saka Water for their continued support of our organisation. We are greatly appreciative of the amazing effort and time put in by everyone at Saka Water!

John Bushi Fergeus

Saka Water, the choice water for Fight Sports Commentary duo John Bushi Fergeus and John Cavasinni and the Paris Productions film crew – At Paris Production

Andy Chan

Mix this water with my creatine after each gym session. It brings out the best results.

Jeremy Nakulski


Lauren Elizabeth

I am running out of my Saka supply from the Next Real Model finals lol…had tap water today…and i could totally tell the difference…I don’t think I can over go back! I need more Saka bottles!!

Crystal A. Davis
2011 Mrs Australia Globe Contestant

Just thought I would tell you something really cool, my housemate Ben plays League soccer, and since we had so much water left over from the concert I have been giving it to the boys before some of their games. They all LOVE it and their feedback is that it is the best water to drink during games as it is not heavy and “squishy” like other water when you are playing sports, they absolutely LOVE it! And best of all, every time they have had Saka Water before a game, they have WON!!! That includes winning the GRAND FINAL! They are absolutely HOOKED and I just wanted to tell you what a positive effect your generous donation and amazing water is having on the club!!

Anastasia C

I cannot say enough about this water, its AMAZING!!! Since drinking Saka i feel so hydrated and energized and just so much healthier…even my skin has noticeably improved. I love how it alkalizes the body and gives it the minerals it needs. This water even tastes great too, so much better than metal tasting tap water. Thank you so much Saka

Scott Maslen

I really do love Saka water its the best way to refresh from dancing! good work Saka