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The best water ever

Manimala Jane Ickeringill

I’m loving this water!! I actually went to get some tap water the other day and almost couldn’t stomach it anymore because it tasted of chlorine.

Sharon Maria Astrid Williamson

Everyone has to try Saka Water it tastes so much better than any other water you will ever try, it not only taste good it it good for you. I am addicted!

Sophia Carina

Saka is the Best water ever! I drink it everyday!

Xiao Qing Ma

I’ve been drinking Saka water for 3 weeks and i can’t drink tap water anymore, it smells and tastes terrible now.

Emma Knee
Winner Australia's Next Real Model

Saka truly is the best tasting and healthiest water in the world!

Lauren Hagenbach

Saka water is really so good… after drinking it for 2 days I don’t think I can go back to normal water…. I feel refreshed and cleansed!! Thank you Saka

Carin Hillman
Mrs World Australia 2009 Mrs Australia International 2010

I was introduced to Saka Water during my trip to Melbourne in August 2010 when I was judging the Mrs Australia Globe Final. Saka was available everywhere at the event. I don’t recall ever needing a tap! It wasn’t long before I realised Saka Water was different. In just a couple of days I had a spring in my step, I was waking up feeling better and even my sweet tooth diminished! It was only once I got back to Sydney and had officially run out of Saka that I realised what it was that had made me feel so good! Being a die-hard Sydney-Sider I KNEW it wasn’t MELBOURNE. lol. I’m now using Saka as a key part of my detox regime and every day and the results are amazing. I knew water was good. I didn’t know it could be BETTER! Until now.”

Lyn R

The result of drinking this beautiful water speak for themselves. My bladder problems have disappeared in 3 short days! I am so glad that I have discovered this water. For me I will drink nothing else! Cheers

Angela Guarnaccia
Winner INBA Victoria

“Hi, Saka Water is definitely the best water I have tasted and the healthiest, Since needing to drink 3 – 4 litres a day when in training I have pleasure drinking it.”