Danielle Larche
Saka water fan and Mrs Australia 2008

Not only is Saka water have an amazingly crisp and fresh taste, it is also great knowing that I am doing something good for the environment by drinking water with an eco-friendly bottle. I love the 330ml bottle – it means I can carry a bottle around with me in my bag where ever I go.

Val Bosevska

I have now been drinking Saka Water for a few months. I originally started drinking the water for it’s nice smooth taste, but to my surprise, I have never felt better within me, I feel a calmness and placidness throughout me since i have drank Saka, I feel less water intake with more fulfillment when really thirsty. I feel like the water has helped me internally and feel healthier for some reason. I have put my family on to Saka water and the kids will not drink anything else now. Thank you Saka water for a healthier choice given.

Carin Hillman

I tasted tap water in an early morning daze yesterday after detoxing on Saka all weekend…and nearly spat the stuff across the room! Tasted like licking a 9 volt battery. Saka Rocks. I’ll never go back.

Martine Passalacqua

Dear Richard, I would like to Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful and Great Product called Saka Water. As you are aware I have a Liver Condition which has affected my health on so many levels and the last two and half years has been quite hard for me as my energy levels have been up and down due to my Liver Functions not working properly. As such, some of my symptoms have been Fatigue, Hot Flushes, Liver Spotting, Dehydration and severe pain in my abdominal areas. I have also become intolerant to certain foods. I am currently on a Detox to help clear and cleanse My Liver. My Liver may well take up to two years before it shows improvement due to the Damage Levels. Part of My Detox Program has been drinking your Product Saka Water, which has not only helped with the Cleansing of My Liver, but also with My Energy Levels, plus My Skin feels much more radiant. I feel more hydrated and My Skin especially has shown some improvement in the last 3 months of obtaining your Saka Water. Thank you Very Much Again Richard for Introducing Me to Such a Wonderful Product. I will definitely be referring other Businesses, Friends and Family to you in the near Future. Best Regards Martine Passalacqua.

Nikki Eastmure
Mrs Australia 2010

Thank you so much to Saka Water for coming on board as a sponsor of my kids day out to Dreamworld on Feb 8th 2011 and providing lots of healthy water for everyone attending!

Erin O’Hara

was great meeting you. Thanks for getting me addicted to the water. hubby just tried it and couldn’t believe the taste difference either. Please contact me regarding us having Saka in our clinic. we should be up and running in 6 weeks thanks again Erin O’Hara

Competitive Sports Management

“Pleasure Richard…. gotta keep spreading the word on Saka. Everybody who has tried it, loves it!” Competitive Sports Management

Steve Saric

I have been drinking Saka water for a year now. I find it has increased my energy levels and that it helps promote weight gain when doing weights. I have heard that alkaline water allows your cells to absorb nutrients better? Saka Alkaline water has worked for me!!!

Kristen Weardon
Ms US Globe 2009. WIN Foundation Ambassador

Having traveled halfway round the world I arrived in Australia exhausted and dehydrated. Sadly the dismal water at my Hotel offered no relief. And then I found SAKA!! Great tasting, energizing and full of the Minerals I needed to get me back on track. PH restored! As if that wasn’t enough, director Richard Ayoub’s radiance is wonderfully uplifting, no wonder the water’s SO good!

Connie Vella, Vic

I found “Saka” Alkaline water to be the best in the market today due to its purity. I have been drinking “Saka” Alkaline water while on Chemotherapy when I was so ill by the treatment that I couldn’t even drink water without being sick. I was referred to “Saka” Alkaline water and it’s the best thing I could have done. It’s taste was light and refreshing. I still drink “Saka” Alkaline water to stay healthy.