Saka Alkaline Water – Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Natural Alkaline Water

Saka Alkaline Water – Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Natural Alkaline Water

We all know that drinking an adequate amount of water is good for us. Do we all drink enough water? No, not usually. If we remember we might drink a glass or two but on average we usually grab the coffee, soft drink, or beer instead. Well here is a list of 10 reasons why you should be drinking more water. Especially natural alkaline water because of its added benefits.

1. Look Younger

Drinking adequate amounts of alkaline water hydrates your skin. Not only do you get the benefits of normal water hydration like increased skin elasticity and increased skin moisturising but you get the added benefit of increased hydration due to the fact that minerals in the water helps the water to absorb better into your cells. Distilled, purified and spring water with low or no mineral content does not absorb into your cells until your body gets alkaline minerals from your bones, teeth, etc to help absorb these water types, so in the long term, these waters dehydrate you and causes mineral deficiencies which leads to tiredness, less energy and may lead to sickness.

2. Aids Digestion

Drinking a glass of water 15-20 minutes before meals helps the body to absorb and digest food better. It all starts in the mouth. Water helps produce more saliva and helps carry the food along all of the way through the digestive tract. It works hand in hand with fiber to help flush out wastes in your body and also raises your metabolism.

3. Increased Concentration

Your brain consist of 90% water. So most of us who don’t drink enough alkaline water are depriving our brains of what it needs the most, water. By drinking more water you improve your ability to concentrate, process information, and alertness. Who do you know that couldn’t use more of those?

4. Headaches

One of the major contributors to headaches are dehydration. This is one of the areas where alkaline water shines. Alkaline Mineral Water greatly increases the hydration of your body due to its higher mineral content.

5. Weight Loss

Drinking water is great for weight loss for a couple of reasons. Water is a wonderful appetite suppressant, it curbs hunger. Also water helps increase your metabolism which aids in burning calories. You also might want to consider that if you are drinking water you won’t be thirsty so you won’t reach for a sugary soft drink.

6. Anti ageing

This is a big one with Alkaline water. Due to the nature of alkaline water and it higher pH balance. What it does is buffer acidity in the body which is one of the major causes for ageing.

7. Increase Energy

Water in the body is crucial for better circulation. Oxygen in your bloodstream is increased when your body has been well hydrated. This then leaves more oxygen available to burn fat which is the critical ingredient in energy production. Natural Alkaline Water has a higher oxygen content than regular water.

8. Increased resistance to disease

There is a condition which happens to us if we consistently don’t drink enough water. It is known as chronic cellular dehydration. With this condition your body is in a constant state of dehydration within each cell. This then leaves us in a vulnerable state which allows attacks from disease to further weaken our immune system.

9. Detoxify

Staying well hydrated helps your body remove harmful toxins. One of the biggest filters in our bodies is our kidneys. The kidneys are dependent on water for them to be able to work at peak performance. As we age our ability to filter through our kidneys decreases which then makes drinking adequate amounts of water even more paramount for detoxification.

10. Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease

Research has shown that people who drink water are less likely to succumb to having a heart attack or heart disease. 20,000 healthy people were studied showing that drinking five cups a day of water is very beneficial to your heart health.

Hopefully this list of 10 reasons why you should drink alkaline water convinces you to start drinking right away. The best way to drink water is first to know how much you need, the correct amount is 1 litre for every 25kg, so if you are 75kgs, you need 3 litres. Start with 25% of your daily requirement first thing in the morning, even better with a squeeze of lemon or lime, then 500ml about15-20 minutes before meals and another 25% just before you go to bed.

If you haven’t been drinking enough water, you might need 2 – 3 weeks to adjust, but once you do, you are going to think why haven’t you done this any earlier.

Saka Alkaline Water – Activate a healthier lifestyle!

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