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We compared over 1,200 kinds of water brands from around the world to find the best tasting, healthiest, clearest water imaginable. And now you can taste it too.


Our Story

The Saka story started in the early 2000 when my wife started to have kidney problems… read more

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Our Bottle

BPA FREE, No Phalates and we are very strong on environmental and recycling issues… read more

Our Water

Saka Water is an Award Winning premium 100% Pure and Natural Alkaline Mineral Water… read more

Water Source

Saka Water is from the springs in Hendek, Sakarya in the Koroglu Mountains… read more

Bottling Plant

Saka Natural Alkaline Water is bottled directly at source and under ultra-hygienic conditions… read more


Saka water is an Award Winning Premium Natural Alkaline Mineral Water. Created only by nature, it rises from a pure, remote and protected mystical Spring, a special source of true refreshment that will awaken your senses and inner being. It’s not tap water or processed spring water. It’s a simple and rare delicacy found only in a few places around the world.


Certified Purity

Purity of water and Natural Mineral Content is Officially Certified by SGS and The Fresenius Institute.


Eco-friendly Bottle

BPA-Free, BPS-free, BPF-free, Placticizer-free, 100% Recyclable and Collapsible Bottle – Easy to Carry, Crush and Recycle. Saka Bottles are also one of the lightest bottles on the market saving resoures.


Awarded Superiority

Saka has been awarded 3 Stars at the International Taste & Quality Institute in 2011, 2012 , 2013 and 2015. Saka is also awarded The rare and  Prestegious Crystal Award.


100% Natural Alkaline

SAKA is a Premium Natural Alkaline Mineral Water with an outstanding 8.22pH Alkaline Balance.

Saka Natural Alklaline Water

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Our Story


Richard Ayoub

Richard Ayoub



When life hands you lemons…

I have been actively involved in the wellness industry since the late 80’s, however it wasn’t until the year 2000 when my wife started having serious kidney problems, to the point of failure that my real knowledge began. With a young family of three boys who needed their mother more than anything, I wasn’t about to let them, or my wife down and so, unbeknown to me – my quest began. Weeks, became months and months, turned into years. Not only did my wife’s health improve dramatically through natural remedies, but the fire in my belly was well and truly lit and I knew I needed to share the information I had gathered with as many people as I could.

Knowledge, becomes wisdom…

I discovered the importance of ‘proper hydration and that water is key to every living thing – human, animal, fish, bird, tree, plant and flower – which led me to search and compare over 1247 brands of water from around the world and the beginning of Saka Water in Australia – The Best Natural Alkaline Water on the planet in Taste and Qualtiy.

Making lemonade…

It’s funny, when life is on the line, you get an opportunity to ‘get real’ and for me, that blessing came through my beautiful wife who was the catalyst for my understanding of how important an Alkaline Lifestyle is. I am passionate about helping people live an alkaline lifestyle and I look forward to being of service.

Our Water


Image of iTQi Superior Taste award and two bottles of Saka Water
  • Award Winning Silky Smooth Taste
  • 8.22pH alkaline balance
  • Natural mineral electrolytes
  • Better absorption than any other water brand or machine
  • Awarded the highest tasting award in 2011, 2012 , 1013 and 2015 at the International Taste & Quality Awards Institute
  • 100% natural – nothing added and nothing taken away.
  • Aids the body in detoxing
  • Counterbalances an acidic pH
  • No processing or ionization
  • NO electrolysis
  • NO added artificial sweeteners (some water brands do use them)
  • NO chemical additives
  • NO sugar, NO fat, NO calories
  • NO preservatives

Our Bottle


  • Made with a lot less plastic than similar bottles.
  • Designed to be Easily Crushed.
  • 100% recyclable including label and cap.
  • Plasticizers-Free
  • Pthalates-Free
  • Saka does not taste like plastic if left in the Sun.

Photo of someone holding a Saka Water bottle between their hands, demonstrating how to crush the bottle.
After you enjoy a Saka water, you can easily crush the collapsible bottle to reduce it’s size. Another way to help the environment with recycling. We are strong on recycling, so in order to get this unique water to our customers, everything possible to reduce resource is utilised. Saka is continually implementing new improvements to reduce the input on the environment.


In addition to using recyclable packaging for our products, we also recycle shipping and packaging materials used in the process of making the product available to you. Unlike some other products, Saka’s caps and labels are also 100% recyclable as well.


Where does Saka Water come from?

Saka Water comes from the springs in Hendek, Sakarya, located in the pristine Koroglu Mountain. It is the biggest source of natural water in the Marmara Region. It is far from settlement areas, and is protected against various polluters with the facilities built at the outlet, trapping the water in our Safe, Eco-Friendly bottles and bringing them to you to enjoy everyday with confidence in purity, smooth taste, Mother Nature’s structure, mineral content, Source and pH. Nothing added and nothing taken away – True Healthy RAW Water!

Bottling Plant

Saka water is a premium 100% natural alkaline mineral water. It rises from a pure, pristine, remote and protected aquifer, bottled with love at the source under ultra-hygenic conditions, untouched from Source to bottle, leaving it as Nature intended it.

Saka is produced with respect to ISO 22000 Food Safety-HACCP, ISO 9001:2000 and TSE regulations.