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Alkaline pH Test Strips - (100 pack)

Alkaline pH Test Strips - (100 pack)

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Get accurate results - every time!
Testing your pH levels has never been easier with our convenient pH Test Strips! Able to be used for both saliva and urine, these ultra-sensitive strips give an accurate reading of your body’s current pH status in just 15 seconds, allowing you to test your acid-alkaline balance right in your own home.
These pH strips are used on: 
- Salvia
- Urine  
1. Remove the strip from the box.
2. Immerse the reaction zone of the strip into the solution for approximately 3-5 seconds or until there is no further colour change.
3. Remove the strip from the solution.
4. Compare the reaction zones to the colour chart on the box holding the strip to the top of the box with the reaction zones to the bottom of the box.
5. Record the results of the closest matching colour to the strip.

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